SAMx Products


EDS system for Scanning Electron Microscope, includes the best SDD detector on the market, all EDS tools and the spectral imaging.

MASH system to automate Microprobe or Scanning Electron Microscope.


XMAS XMAS automates several types of microprobe/SEM when they are equipped with Wavelength spectrometer(s). This software package also automates the stage, faraday cage, reading/writing of beam current and accelerating voltage. An optional software package designed for Geology Formula 1, can be used to calculate the structural formula. A new electronic MASH has been developped to automate most EPMAU.

STRATAGem STRATAGem is the thin film analysis package. Stratagem calculates the thickness and/or composition of films on a substrate. STRATAgem is also designed to resolve the particle analysis problem.

IDFix is the SAMx EDS hardware & software. Sophisticated and easy to use. IDFix can be interfaced to any detctor, including the Silicon Drift detetcor SDD. Opitonally a complete ED-WD intergation has been done through IDFix-WET.

MaxView MaxView is the imaging package based on the SAMxDISS box. Allows video images (SE, BSE, ABS,..) and X-ray (ED/WD) to be acquired and treated. A data Base is included; this allows a series of images to be saved. A set of points can also be defined on top of the image to allow and automatic ED/WD analysis.

MaxView XL
MaxView XL is the imaging software intimately linked to the EDS software. This package can acquired a complete ED spectrum per pixel. The software includes a sophisticated data compression package. Individual X-ray map can be extract from the original data file.

HiMax HiMax/SAMxDISS is the imaging package which can acquire Secondary and X-ray maps in Beam or Stage mode. When linked to XMAS, HiMax can calculate composition images (weight or atomic percent).

OptiX OptiX is a simple auto focus device for microprobes. It can also display the optical image in a PC window.

Virtual WDS XMAS Virtual WDS XMAS is a version of 'Virtual WDS' adapted for use with XMAS. Its primary function is to display WD spectra derived from stored peak profiles, as an aid to the optimization of analysis conditions.

OptiX 3D_TOPx A 3D Topography package for SEM.



PicoX MASH is a complete electronic to automate most EPMA's, it includes Stage, Beam and WD spectrometers automation.

PicoX PicoX is an easy to install, Windows interfaced device to any SEM. It provides also the faraday cage control.

PicoX SAMxDISS: is a USB2 box to interface the SAMx software HiMax and MaxView to the SEM.

SAMxDISS Automotive: Developed by SAMx, the USB ADVANCE series, allows a PC to be conected to a vehicle computer through the USB bus.