HiMax is a software Imaging package designed for Wavelength spectrometers.
HiMax is integrated with XMAS and can totally automate the acquisition of images. Furthermore HiMax is able to calculate composition images from intensity maps (W% et A%). The SAMxDISS box has been designed to acquire both video and X-ray maps (EDS/WDS) in real time. SAMxDISS is a USB2 box.

HiMax Features


· Acquisition of X-ray maps and two videos signals in parallel (SE,BSE,...).

· Acquisition in real time, 2 images per second at 512*512 pixels resolution.

· Acquisition of 12 X-ray signals (EDS/WDS).

· Pixel or Image accumulation.

· Size of the maps are programmable in X and Y from 16 to 1024.

· Acquisition in manual or automatic mode (batch).

· Acquisition of the images through beam control or by moving the stage.

· Images are saved into a database ACCESS, allowing the user to add or to delete images from file.

· Manipulation of images (filters, arithmetic & logical operations, low mag X-ray map defocusing correction).

· Computation of composition images from intensities maps.

Manual Acquisition mode

· Acquisition using the beam, selection of image resolution, video signals and X-ray channels.

· Acquisition using the stage, selection of the video signals and the X-ray channels. The selection of the area scanned can can be done with one central point or three points. Note the independence between the area scan and the number of points, It is possible to scan a 50 micron line with 512 pixels.

Automatic Acquisition mode

· The elements which correspond to the X-ray maps are not defined manually, as previously, but through an analysis file which contains all the elements in the sample.

· Can acquire all elements in the sample automatically on the Peak and If requested on the background.

· The automatic mode can be used in both beam and stage mapping.

Qualitative Analysis

· Display and manipulation of the image histogram:


· Filters, arithmetic and logical operations, low mag defocusing correction:

Images Operations

· Display of a micronmarker, computation of the distance between points:


Quantitative Analysis

· Points or lines defined in the image can be saved into a Stage/Beam file to run an automatic quantitative analysis.

· Computation of composition images from intensity maps. The user can choose the type of maps to be computed:

Quantitative Computation

The program executes a PAP/XPP correction on each pixel, the analysis quantitative options are still valid here, i.e. HiMax can calculate images by difference or by stoichiometry.


Above a set of four composition maps, the cursor displays the composition of each element and the sum at each point in the image.