Strata was the first software package designed by SAMx , Strata 1.0 under the good old WINDOWS 3.0 was released in may 1991.
Developed in cooperation with Jean-Louis Pouchou (ONERA), based on Jean-Louis Pouchou et Françoise Pichoir researches . STRATAGem is the new 32 bits version under Windows NT/2000/XP of Strata. It includes some new features on top of an improved user interface and ease of used. An OEM version of STRATAGem is also available, this special version allows any software to take advantage of the computation power of STRATAGem. STRATAGem is a thin film analysis program, designed to calculate thicknesses and compositions of multiple layers on a substrate. STRATAGem is also an excellent educational tool for microanalysis and does allow the user to run different types of simulations.

STRATAGem Features

  • Support two x-ray lines per element.
  • Description of the sample, i.e. number of layers, elements in each layer,.... entered through a sophisticated Graphical User Interface.
  • The Data (Ix/Istd) can be entered manually or through different types of results files.
  • Computation of thicknesses and compositions through an Iterative procedure.
  • Display of the Relative Intensities versus the Accelerating Voltage.
  • Display of the Relative Intensities versus the the thickness of one layer.
  • Support of bulk and stratified standards.
  • Take in account the secondary emission due to fluorescence by X-ray characteristic continuum.
  • Read/Write access to M.A.C. (Mass Absorption coefficients).
  • Print and Plot of results and curves, support of spreadsheet programs (curves can be exported).

. A complete automatic integration with XMAS of STRATAGem Analysis is available through STRATALine..