Free Hurricane

SAMx has decided to provide the Monte Carlo program Hurricane to the community at no cost. Download the program (zip) and the installation note with the links below:

Program: Download the zip

Installation guide: Download the pdf

Use the email address to get technical support.

.MASH hardware for EPMA

SAMx has developped a new electronic to automate most of the existing JEOL or CAMECA microprobes. The MASH can easily be installed to replace the existing autmation. Together with the SAMx XMAS software, it gives a complete and affordable solution to the EPMA upgrade market.

EDS-WDS..... Even Better

SAMx was the first company, still remain, to integrate properly the EDS and WDS technics. How about to combine ED and WD spectral acquisition and display. Check our new IDFix WET software


3D Topography for SEM

SAMx has introduced a new software package 3D_TOPx to produce a topographic image from a set of SEM images at different tilt. This is a complementary application to the AFM since it can be used for higher roughness sample and/or larger acquistion field.